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During this colourful time of the year, St Dominics Newcastle cordially invites the Newcastle community to participate in our open day on Saturday, 4 September 2021You will have the opportunity to meet the St Dominics family, walk through the campus and see why this Curro Select school is well-known for its high-quality education and individual learner focus.

Head Chad Moses, Executive Head, affirms that the open day showcases all they have on offer at St Dominics Newcastle. “We would like to invite the community to see what it is that makes St Dominics the special place that it is.”

Furthermore, Mr Moses explains that prospective St Dominics parents and learners will enjoy personalised tours of the school and the facilities conducted by learners and staff. ‘We have given each one of the phases of the school its own time slot, families thus have the option to only look at the phase that they are currently interested in; or view all that we have on offer.’

The time slots will be as follows:

  • Nursery school (from 12 months to five years): 08:00 ‒ 09:00 or 09:00 ‒ 10:00
  • Primary school (Grade R to Grade 7): 09:00 ‒ 10:00
  • High school (Grade 8 to Grade 12): 10:00 ‒ 11:00

Bookings can be made via email to: OR 072 714 4709

There will be something for everyone, with fun-filled activities to keep the children busy as you visit the different sections of the school.

“The early educational years are vital for a child’s development, and our nursery school is in a league of its own. Having a two-year-old and five-year-old of my own, and knowing how difficult it can be to keep them entertained, we decided that we would like to give families the opportunity to find out more about our school, with the reassurance that the children are well taken care of. We will have fun activities for them from 08:00 ‒ 10:00,” says Mr Moses. 

Proudly sustaining and producing decades of exceptional education and sports triumphs, Mr Moses highlights that everyone is welcome to attend the day. For everyone’s safety, we request that you confirm your attendance in advance, using the below email address to ensure all protocols are adhered to. 


Book online:

Be sure to book your spot today to learn more about how your child can enjoy an excellent education, benefiting them throughout their life. 

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