Newcastle bids farewell to Cas Prinsloo, a leader in education

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Holding an array of accolades and achievements within the education sector, Cas Prinsloo, a proud Newcastle KwaZulu-Natal resident, passed on last week. 

On Thursday, 22 July 2021, the resolute and always friendly Prinsloo took his last breath, leaving behind a loving family and decades of positively impacting young peoples lives as the previous Rector of Majuba TVET College. (Majuba TVET College is one of 50 public Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges in South Africa, operating under the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).) Prinsloo held the position up and till early 2014. 

Priscilla Esterhuyze, a former staff member at the college, explained that she had the privilege of working with Prinsloo for several years. “He was a loyal person and if you had him in your life, he would always be loyal to you. As a senior at the college, he had a way of trusting people and letting them work in such a way, that they developed as people and within their departments.” In addition, Esterhuyze states that Prinsloo had a profoundly deep passion for education, which drove his determination to see learners and staff reach their full potential during their time at Majuba TVET College.

As pointed out by Esterhuyze, under his leadership, Majuba TVET College grew to one of the most prominent colleges in South Africa. And as a result of his unwavering guidance and willingness to work hand in hand with the staff, the team reciprocated by giving their all to see the institute flourish.

In 2013, Esterhuyze points out that Prinsloo played an instrumental role in developing the Majuba College Dundee campus. In the same year, she says, “if she remembers correctly, 20 000 learners registered into Majuba College.”

Over and above his achievements in education, the beloved Prinsloo was also a dedicated family man who adored his wife, Esmeralda, his three children, Anciska, Cas Jnr and Cobus, and his seven beautiful grandchildren.

Married for 49 years, Mrs Prinsloo explains that her husband was a man who was unwavering in his love for his family and dedication to his work. “If Cas loved you, he would have always defended you. He had a soft side that he would never show openly, but he was always willing to help. Also, while he was firm, he was always fair.”

The bereaved Mrs Prinsloo gently laughed and added that nothing and no one would change it when Cas made his mind up on a topic. Further stating that Prinsloo was steadfast in his views and never deviated from his beliefs nor compromised on what was right. 

Reflecting on their father, Cas Jnr and Cobus both hold fond memories of the man who moulded them into the individuals they proudly are today. Cobus begins, “One of my memories of my father, was when I started University. He walked with me inside and said, “Do you see that desk? You will sit there and study.” He was also extremely brave. If there was a problem outside at night, he would go out alone and sort it out.”

Cas Jnr adds, “One of my fondest memories is sitting at the dam with my dad, being cold and him giving me his jacket to stay warm.”

Explaining this reflected his father’s love for his family and his desire always to see them happy. Furthermore, Cas Jnr explains that their father made several sacrifices throughout his life for his loved ones, never speaking about it. It was only when he and his siblings grew older that they realised what he had done for them.

“What I am today, is largely because of our father. He always encouraged us and prevented us from just giving up,” affirms Cobus. 

Moreover, many Newcastle residents will fondly remember Prinsloo from the sweets and biltong stall at Newcastle Mall. His vibrant personality, introduced by a welcoming smile and carrying chat, will sorely be missed. 

In conclusion, His family would like to thank Dr Siecker and his staff member Melani. As well as Dr Thusi and all the hospital staff who looked after him.

Pixelfish Marketing and Newcastillian – Online News extends its heartfelt condolences to the Prinsloo family during this time. Cas Prinsloo will always be remembered as a Newcastillian who impacted the lives of many.

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