Mediclinic SA CEO implements steps to keep KZN hospitals stocked

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In a letter to Mediclinic hospitals, CEO of Mediclinic Southern Africa, Koert Pretorius, explained, “We are acutely aware of the impact of the civil unrest on not only our hospital operations in KwaZulu-Natal, but more importantly the emotional and physical wellbeing of our members of staff and doctors.”

During the recent events, Pretorius thanked Mediclinic Southern Africa (MCSA) staff for their unwavering dedication and perseverance to continue to deliver care to the medical facilities’ patients in what can only be described as extreme circumstances. “Your devotion is noticed and deeply appreciated. We recognise that teamwork is the only way we will overcome this adversity and sincerely thank you for standing together as one Mediclinic team and remaining so committed to providing the best possible service to our patients.”

In addition, MCSA has implemented contingency steps to mitigate the risks faced. 

Although access to some of the MCSA facilities is challenging and delivery of some supplies coupled with restricted patient movement has been impacted, MCSA is doing whatever is necessary to ensure these challenges are overcome. The contingency measures include the provision of pharmaceuticals and subsistences supplied by helicopter where needed. Additionally, MCSA is prioritising, through whatever means necessary, the delivery of critical supplies like oxygen and medication.

In his letter to the Mediclinic hospitals, he concluded, stating he was proud to lead the truly exceptional MCSA team. “I am proud that due to your dedication, we can confirm our unwavering commitment to serving the healthcare needs of our community during these trying times. Thank you very much for your strength and commitment. Know that you and the good work you do remain in my prayers. Stand strong as one team!”

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