Curro Mount Richmore; celebrating a collection of our learners’ achievements in 2021


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As the year tips into the second act of 2021, we are proud to announce; the national lockdown did not deflate our everlast-Curro Mount Richmore spirit. This is personified by a plethora of our learners, led by our fantastic team of teachers, who achieved extraordinary results over the first six months of the year, despite the challenges. 

Their steadfast dedication produced excellence, and therefore, in celebration of them and their efforts, we showcase their achievements with a few words from the various members of our Curro family. 

Miné Steenkamp – Grade 1 Afrikaans

National Foundation Phase Writing Competition

As a responsible, well-mannered Grade 1 learner, Miné entered the Curro Writing Competition, successfully coming in second overall. Shedding a bit more light on Miné, Mrs Jacobs says, “She has a passion for drawing and writing, and with her beautiful artistic skills, she is most definitely going to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps who paints the most beautiful paintings.”

Lara Lotter – Grade 3

Dancing Enthusiast Lara participated in the Ocean Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Training Competition, where her skill powered by her bright and bubbly personality obtained her (Silver) Level 2 in the under nine age group.

Lara Lotter – Grade 3

Meulla Thiart – Grade 4

Being an incredible dancer, Meulla also took part in the Ocean Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Training Competition, where she triumphantly achieved Gold in Level 1, under 10.

Meulla is always singing and dancing in class, bringing the missing sparkle to our classroom. She is kind, caring, and fun-loving. Additionally, Meulla is an unbelievable dancer, and we love hearing all about the competitions she participates in.

Meulla Thiart – Grade 4

Hannah Du Toit – Grade 4

As a proud creative Curro learner, constantly expressing herself through the creation of dance, Hannah secured both bronze and silver, Level 2, in the under 10 age group—in the Ocean Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Training Competition.

Hannah Du Toit – Grade 4

Nika Naude – Grade 3

Accompanied by her dedicated father, the highly motivated Nika did not let Covid prevent her from participating and completing the Midmar Mile this year. Her dad swam next to her, supporting her the entire way. It was her first participation, and we expect this will not be her last.

Hooked on Poetry 2021 Curro Writing Competition Winners

English First Additional Language

John Brink – Grade 4

John Brink entered the Curro English Writing Competition 2021, and we are incredibly proud to announce he was awarded first place in the country for English First Additional Language. He wrote a creative, well-thought-of Cinquain poem on spiders.

John is a dedicated, hard-working learner who accepts a challenge with open arms. We are exceptionally proud of his positive attitude towards school and congratulate him on his phenomenal achievement.

Stephan Schulze – Grade 7

Stephan Schulze’s poem ‘About me’ was entered into the Curro English Writing Competition 2021 (English First Additional Language). The topic they were given was no easy one; Know thyself: Poem about me. Showcasing his commitment, Stephan placed third, acquiring the bronze award. 

“Stephan is an enthusiastic participant in the classroom and displays an excellent level of writing, reading, and speaking skills. He has developed a solid grasp of the language, and this is evident in the quality of work he produces. I congratulate Stephan on his award. He has made a fantastic effort throughout the year,” adds Miss Logan.

Riley Gouws – Grade 5

Proudly coming first in the age group, Riley participated in a training competition for rhythmic gymnastics in the level 4 under 11 age group.

Riley is also a champion swimmer who has firmly positioned herself on the 10 years old ranking with Seals Swimming Club – North Cost.

Riley is extremely passionate about swimming and dance, always putting her best foot forward. As a school, we are so proud of this young lady, always going for her dreams.

 Chase Killian – Grade 7

Chase (U.13) and his dad, Ben Killian, claimed second in their age group at the KZN Triathlon held at Midmar Dam on 28 March 2021. Being a hard worker, not only on the sports field but also in the classroom—Chase never stops until he reaches his goal, no matter what obstacle stands in his way. He is a wonderful young man with great potential and a real ambassador of Curro Mount Richmore.

Luka Venter – Grade 8

Always ready to face a challenge, Luka dives into his schoolwork with discipline and excitement. Laying testament to this discipline, he maintains a jaw-dropping 92% aggregate. We are very proud of him and look forward to his continued growth.

Luka Venter – Grade 8

Danika Willemse – Grade 9

Danika is a polite, friendly, and responsible young lady who shows outstanding commitment and excels in everything she does. She got A aggregates for every one of her subjects in the first term.

The most noteworthy of these is English, as she is Afrikaans speaking and changed from English First Additional Language to English Home Language at the beginning of the year.

Her work is always done with excellence and is timeously delivered, even amid her sporting commitments.

Danika Willemse – Grade 9

Kyla Picken – Grade 11 (Equestrian)

Enjoying a thrilling event, Kyla Picken took part in the DSA KZN Challenge 2021 at Shongweni. Riding Adelprag Oscar, she happily clinched two awards.

  • Elementary Medium challenge class 1st place
  • Elementary Medium Championship class 1st place.
Kyla Picken – Grade 11

Shari Nandlal – Grade 12 – National Young Artist Awards

Shari is an extremely quiet and talented learner. Not only is she one of our top academic students, but she is also an exceptionally gifted young artist who is going places.

She took part in the National Eisteddfod in 2020 in the Visual Art category, with her artwork titled Endangered. She received a Diploma for this artwork which led to her being invited to participate in the National Eisteddfod Young Artist Awards for 2021.

She created another outstanding artwork for the National Eisteddfod Artist Awards and was chosen as one of three finalists. Her artwork was then displayed along with the other finalists at the Alice Art Gallery in Roodepoort. We are very proud to announce that she was awarded first place in her grade in the National Eisteddfod Young Artist Awards.

Kiegan Padayachee – Grade 9

Kiegan is the epitome of diligence. He always strives for excellence and exudes respect, humility, and maturity when carrying out any given task or interacting with his peers and teachers.

Kiegan Padayachee – Grade 9

Lizwelinkosi Zulu – Grade 10

Lizwelinkosi achieves both within and outside the classroom. He has quite a strict moral compass which seems to guide him in his life. He is a natural leader.

Lizwelinkosi Zulu – Grade 10

Nicoleah Mthimkhulu – Grade 12

Nicoleah is a bubbly and enthusiastic learner. She guides others in the right direction in all aspects of life, be it in or out of the classroom. Nicoleah excels in isiZulu First Additional Language and also coordinates the drummies team for our Culture lesson.

Nicoleah Mthimkhulu – Grade 12

Mila Van Biljon – Grade 12

Mila encapsulates all the qualities of an exemplary learner and is recognised and held in high regard for her excellence and leadership prowess. She is a bright young lady determined to succeed and is not afraid of working hard to achieve her goals. Mila is an extremely worthy representative of our school and significantly contributes to our positive reputation within the community. 

Mila Van Biljon – Grade 12

Chloe Zacks – Group 5

With impeccable style, Chloe has learned to ride her two-wheeler with no training wheels, seeing the other children admiring her newfound skill. Adding to this, Chloe enthusiastically took time out of her busy day to show and teach her friends to ride solo. 

Offering encouraging words to her friends, she said, “You are doing well, you can do this.” They soon learned to ride as well. This act of encouragement and kindness shows independence coupled with knowing that compassion and helping will achieve greatness.

Chloe Zacks – Group 5

Thingo Nzimande – Group 3

Thingo Nzimande is a delightful three-year-old girl who has been asking to do ballet since she was two-years-old. This year, just before she turned three, our ballet teacher, Lee-ann Holding, allowed her to join ballet classes to see how she faired.

She danced beautifully and had a smile larger than the brightest sun. Thingo loves ballet lessons and especially being able to dress up in her little leotard, skirt, tights, and ballet shoes.

Thingo Nzimande – Group 3

Mrs Sharlaine Kok – Primary School Sports Coach

Mrs Kok, our Sports Coach, together with her running club, the Dolphin Coast Striders, ran their version of the Comrades Marathon.

Mrs Kok ran 90kms over three days. Day 1 was 34km from Pietermaritzburg City Hall to Caltex Garage (Harrison flats). Day 2 was 30km from Caltex Garage (Harrison flats) to Kloof Mall. Day 3 was 26km from Kloof Mall to Moses Madiba Stadium People’s Park.

Mrs Sharlaine Kok

Mrs Adelle van Staden – Curro Castle Group 5 Teacher

Teacher Adelle, together with her running club, the Dolphin Coast Striders, ran their version of the Comrades Marathon.

Mrs van Staden ran 90kms over three days. Day 1 was 34km from Pietermaritzburg City Hall to Caltex Garage (Harrison flats). Day 2 was 30km from Caltex Garage (Harrison flats) to Kloof Mall. Day 3 was 26km from Kloof Mall to Moses Madiba Stadium People’s Park.

Mrs Adelle van Staden

Nolene Garland – Curro Castle Group 5 Teacher

Teacher Nolene is a long-time serving staff member at Curro Mount Richmore. She started with our Nursery school as a Teacher’s Assistant. After taking a leap of confidence, she began studying with STADIO and achieved her Higher Certificate in Early Childhood Development and Grade R Diploma this year.

We are proud to have teacher Nolene teaching one of our Group 5 classes with her nurturing, involved, and caring attitude.

As Curro Mount Richmore constantly rises to new heights, what are your thoughts? 

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