Together, we are stronger: Taxi Association says they will defend South Africans

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One thing the protestors never envisioned nor bank on was the fact that all races, genders and ages would unite and stand their ground as one. This unity has ignited a powerful spark currently bringing to life the South African in all of us. People are forgetting the stupid nonsense perpetuated by politicians over the years, joining together for not only their communities but, by extension, the rule of law itself. 

Supporting this spirit of Ubuntu and coming as great news to Newcastillians, SANTACO Eastern Cape has stated that it and the taxi industry at large will not be taking part in the mayhem sweeping through the country. Instead, SANTACO EC affirmed, “We are calling on all our members and drivers instead to defend those properties and deal decisively with those who are disturbing our business.”

These are sentiments shared by SANTACO KZN, who has assured it will take a stand to prevent looting at shopping malls and stores which have not been affected by the KZN protests.

Furthermore, trying to bring about a sense of calm, Gift of the Givers founder Imtiaz Sooliman issued a touching statement on Wednesday, 14 July 2021. In the report, Sooliman said, “The current situation in KZN, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, and North West has led to heated emotions and explosive statements that don’t augur well for our country. We need to take a step back, all of us, and reflect on the situation. Is a race war going to benefit any of us?”

He elaborated further, stating there is anger understandably on all sides, but expressing that anger violently is counterproductive to our harmonious development and, in essence, is futile.

Therefore, he urged, “We need to be circumspect in our approach, forgive the mistakes made, open meaningful dialogue, calm the tension and understand each other’s challenges and anxieties. Conflict and aggression is not what we strived for in the 27 years of our young democracy. The journey to the ideal society is full of thorns and many challenges. How we navigate it, build friendships and common humanity is in our hands.”  

Further stating, “In the interest of peace, prosperity, and rebuilding a better society for all of us may we humbly request that we stop the racial war both on social media and on the ground.”

Unfortunately, as noted over the past few days, reasonable discussion is not an option acknowledged by the protestors currently. Therefore, well done to the countless brave men and women, young and old, taking a stand in their neighbourhoods with more and more support resulting in successful outcomes. Thank you to one and all who are doing their part to feed and uplift the communities instead of standing back in the face of adversity. Together we will get through this!

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