The Safari lodge checklist, how to choose the perfect getaway


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Being home to distinct landscapes and unique wildlife, South Africa boasts an awe-inspiring gateway to the wonders of nature. As a result thereof, the hospitality sector throughout the country finds itself filled with options and choosing a destination can be overwhelming—just trying to sift through all the lodges and their offerings will leave you scratching your head. Let alone the quality of accommodation, food and add-ons. 

Assisting you in choosing your perfect safari holiday, we compiled a checklist for you.

Safari Lodge aesthetic

When looking at photos online, ensure you take a good look at the main lodge but more importantly, the rooms. This is because you will be spending a good chunk of your time between the two. Also, make sure you choose a lodge where there is a WIFI connection, and all rooms have electricity, you do not want to be spending your holiday in the main lodge drying your hair.

Safari Lodge service

It is imperative to check out the lodge’s reviews before you book your accommodation. Let’s admit it, for many people, safaris are a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you don’t want to have your adventure tarnished by poor service or an unappetising menu.

Game viewing

We all want to see the Big 5, but how we see these fantastic animals depends on a lodge’s offerings. For example, a good lodge will offer its guest the choice of game drives and an array of other sensory-based experiences. From Horseback game rides to flying over animals in a microlight, you need to obtain what options they have for you to take advantage of. (PRO TIP: It is crucial to note that staying near a river will also offer some phenomenal experiences when viewing wildlife.

With this in mind, it is vital to look at which lodges have this natural feature.)

Safari Lodge accommodation 

It is important to note that you get what you pay for. A cheaper lodge might not always be the best option. Your safari getaway is about you experiencing a rarity. You do not want to do this at an overcrowded, uncomfortable, barely any electricity lodge, as this takes away from the moment and the holiday itself.  Therefore, establish how many rooms a lodge holds and are they the same (ruffing it up lodge indicator), or do they vary in option like a hotel (a good sign).

Stepping into the old world ignites a wonderous primal flame within you. But being respectful of these habitats is paramount, not just for you, but the lodge you choose. 


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