Hindi Pracharni Sabha prepares to promote the Hindi language with Hindvani

Culture plays an important role in one’s daily life. It gives a person a sense of belonging, knowing that through the centuries, their people’s language and traditions endure.

The Hindi Pracharni Sabha (HPS) is an organisation dedicated to teaching the community about the Hindi culture and language.

“HPS is more than a 100-years-old,” says Neven Singh of the organisation. Over a century in existence, 70 years ago HPS erected a school and temple in Henrietta Street, Lennoxton. Both of which are still standing.

The aim and objectives of HPS are twofold, explains Singh. “Firstly, it is to teach the Hindi language to anyone who wants to learn it. Irrespective if they are Hindu or not.”

Secondly, HPS plays an important role in furthering the Hindu culture within Newcastle. Especially bringing it into the forefront within the Hindi community, allowing the culture to endure within our culturally diverse community.

The teaching of the Hindi language by HPS is run by Hindi Shiksha Sangh (HSS), an organisation based in Durban. Affiliated with HSS, HPS obtains the syllabus and examinations from the organisation, ensuring learners can immerse themselves in their studies.

As both HPS and HSS promote the Hindi language and culture, Newcastillians are in for a treat on Sunday, February 17.

Hindvani 91.5Fm is coming to Newcastle and will be setting up at the Status Hall from 10 am until 1pm.

Singh explains that Hindvani is a radio station which falls under the HSS umbrella. While focusing mostly on the Durban and Pietermaritzburg areas, Singh says that it is hoped through Hindvani coming to Newcastle, our town and Ladysmith will be able to benefit from it.

Audio streaming live from Status Hall, Hindvani will be introducing HSS and Hindvani to Newcastle. As well as promoting the learning and teachings of Hindi.

“We also have local artists, both religious and non-religious, artists in town. Hindvani will be giving them the platform of going on air,” says Singh. Local community leaders will also be interviewed on air.

With the day focusing on the promotion of the Hindi language, the Newcastle community is invited to join in on the day and show their support.

For more information, contact either Neven Singh on 083 258 3990 or Ash Baijnath on 082 685 6332.

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