Over 200 dismissed Newcastle Municipality employees not reinstated, affirms entity

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Over 200 municipal employees were dismissed in 2019 by the Newcastle Municipality’s former Mayor, Dr Ntuthuko Mahlaba. According to the municipality, a protest broke out at the Council Chamber in September 2019, with the irate staff members up in arms about unpaid overtime. 

During the chaos, things took a violent turn with one of the employees throwing a brick at the former Mayor. With the staff members, mainly from Community Services, officially dismissed in November 2019, the matter soon found itself in CCMA.

Now, nearly three years later, it seems that tensions around the matter are still progressing. This follows a source stepping forward, stating that the employees had won their case. “The dismissed staff won the case and were told to report back to work on Friday, 1 July 2022. However, those who returned to the Municipality, were told they could not enter their former workplace.”

Additionally, the source claimed that these 200+ people now required concrete answers. According to him, some of the positions had been filled by the Newcastle Municipality. “We need to know what’s going on, as some of the dismissed staff have already passed on or acquired other jobs in the interim.”

Replying, the Northern KwaZulu-Natal-based municipal entity slammed the allegations stating, “The Newcastle Municipality would like to outrightly dispel the propaganda and disinformation surrounding this matter. The court has not issued such a judgement, nor the CCMA.” Additionally, the Communications Unit pointed out that the matter is still before the courts.

While claiming that the municipality is not able to discuss the matter, as it is sub judice, the Communications Unit highlighted that the municipality has no knowledge regarding the case being concluded. 

Furthermore, the Communications stressed that the positions have not been filled as of yet and at this stage, the Newcastle Municipality’s Council will act based on the outcome of the court rulings.

With the court proceedings still underway, what are your thoughts on the above-mentioned? 

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