1 November designated as a national holiday

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced November 1 as a public holiday to allow everyone who plans to vote to do so.

The date is the day of the Local Government Elections (LGE 2021), in which eligible voters will elect councillors to represent them at the local level.

“The President calls on all registered voters to use the opportunity of the public holiday to exercise their democratic right and civic duty by voting in this election that empowers citizens to elect new leadership and influence service delivery where they live,” the Presidency stated.

All voters travelling to voting locations were reminded to follow COVID-19 regulations, and businesses were encouraged to make preparations for their employees to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

“Voters are reminded as well that they will only be able to cast their votes at the polling stations in wards where they are registered. In the event that voters may consider travel, they will not be able to transfer their votes to voting stations away from their designated wards.”

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