Newcastillian’s editor dives with Newcastle K9 Search and Rescue Unit

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The Newcastle K9 Search and Rescue Unit regularly dives into unknown waters, putting their lives in danger to service their respective communities.

However, on 16 September 2021, our Editor, Quinton Boucher, was again invited by the full of life team to a training session. But, unlike his first session which saw Quinton scaling a building (Read more on this by clicking here: VIDEO: Newcastle K9 Search and Rescue Unit sent our editor “over the edge”). This time he went for a “little swim”. 

Obtaining a better understanding of what these extraordinary police officers go through. Quinton joined the Search and Rescue Unit and local firefighter at Ferrum Municipal Swimming Pool. 

With a great sense of camaraderie and everyone excited to get into the pool, Quinton says, “I was not as scared to participate in the diving session as I was with the abseiling session. Although, when looking at all the diving equipment, I was uncertain how I was going to manage.”

Fortunately, Sergeant Stanley Holloway of the Search and Rescue Unit and his colleagues put our editor at ease. They then suited him up and got him into the pool. Where they dropped to 4.4 metres.

“It was a remarkable experience, although, I need to admit that I did panic a bit in the water as I felt a bit claustrophobic and did not breathe correctly. The Search and Rescue team are solid people for doing this on a regular basis, often in water where they can’t see what is happening in front of them.”

On that note, from Quinton and the Newcastillian – Online News team, we appreciate all you do for people throughout the region. Keep up the great work.

We look forward to the following training program and how you scare Quinton next.

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