Evotel invests in Newcastle economy

Evotel is determined to invest in Newcastle, assisting the community in managing the impact of the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown regulations, as well as the follow-on effects it is having on businesses within the town.

Being a company focussed on improving people’s lives by providing fast and secure fibre internet connectivity to homes and businesses, Evotel is also adamant to uplift entire communities in any way it can.

Head of Business Development at Evotel, Bradley Bekker, emphasises, “We believe in helping people and organisations to prosper, and therefore decided that with the rollout of our fibre network in Newcastle to employ only local contractors to build the network infrastructure and share in the wealth. It is one of our ways of investing in the community and the town’s overall development.”

Evotel is installing its Fibre to the Home (FTTH) network across 14 neighbourhoods in Newcastle. These include: Signal Hill, Schuinshoogte, Aviary Hill, Pioneer Park, Sunnyridge, Amiel Park and Hutten Heights.

Bekker adds the company has made it a point to take their installations in towns a step further, not merely installing the fibre network infrastructure and then leaving. Rather, Evotel involves local contractors wherever they can. “On the civil side, through Oracle Fibre Civil and Infrastructure Holdings, we are employing local sub-contractors to do the installation, and we are training them to continue the maintenance and upkeep of the network under contract with us,” affirms Bekker. 

This has been welcomed by the business community, with Newcastle Business Forum Chairperson, Njabulo Mabaso statting, “It means a lot for Newcastle that Evotel is investing in our town. We are very grateful for the opportunities they are providing us with to work with them and establish a long working business relationship between Newcastle businesses and Evotel.”

Mabuso is also pleased Evotel cares enough for the town, whereby many small local contractors are benefiting. “It will mean a future income for these businesses to do maintenance of the network after the installation is complete. It is a lifetime thing not just now.” he says.

The Newcastle Business Forum (NBF) is a collaborative body comprising of, amongst others, the Newcastle Sakekamer; the KZN Youth Chamber of Commerce and Industry; AfriForum and the Amajuba Business Chamber, which represents 55 of the town’s largest factories and 70 medium-sized businesses.

Contributing further to Newcastle’s development, Evotel has also involved other small businesses in the region to assist with communication in their Public Participation Process to print and distribute information leaflets regarding the project to the Newcastle community.

Local business, Boldwin Distributors’ CEO, Willem Boshoff, claims he is excited about Evotel’s investment in the local community. He elucidates, “It is good to plough back into the communities you operate in. Companies must be made to feel that they are needed and have a place in society, which is what Evotel is doing. This is the way to make a difference and encourage growth.”

Involving local businesses, according to Bekker, simply makes sense. “It makes the rollout of the network build smoother as the locals understand the environment much better and, if needed, more resources can be allocated to the project much quicker. Locals also do not shy away from contributing to their own community, because it will mean all will prosper from what they are doing, and that is one of the things we aim to achieve,” he concludes.

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