Nashua Maluti backs community through colossal sponsorship program


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In the wake of a devastating year in the Northern KwaZulu-Natal economy, whereby 2020 took the legs out from under numerous businesses—seeing a large percentage of companies having to butcher working hours, retrench staff or worse close their doors. The year wreaked havoc on locals and the extraordinary business network we rely on. This saw a dramatic fracture in daily business, solely due to events and decisions out of our control.

Regardless of how good your service is and irrespective of your commitment and dedication to your business, community and staff—2020 was the unpredicted punch, which changed everything. As the leading office automation company in the area, and being in the very same position as their clients, Nashua Maluti decided to give back in a big way.

Offering some insight into the project is Managing Director of Nashua Maluti, Louw Conradie, who says, “The problem with most “give back initiatives”, as you would agree, they don’t offer memorable, impactful results for the intended recipients. This is why, with this project, we had to create a measurable and useful business tool for our valued customers to truly benefit from and this is when we decided to pull on the power of advertising and online, combined.”

Putting an end to the suspense, Louw clarifies that the project is an entirely paid for produced and distributed digital magazine created through the innovate digital marketing and media agency, Pixelfish Marketing, owners of the Newcastillian – Online News.

This, according to Louw, ensures, “the product is of the highest quality, thereby serving our customers for years to come, as the product is always online.” 

He goes on to say, ” As a company who is engrained in the local community, seeing the challenges our customers face, we knew that offering them the opportunity to advertise in a time where they need it the most just made sense”. When looking at the publication, the digital magazine will showcase a variety of Nashua Maluti’ s clients, at no cost to them and will be distributed throughout the community. ” This is a true, feel-good project, and we hope the community engages with the publication and supports these great local businesses”, States Louw.

In these trying times, it is always beautiful to witness actual business to business care—as it is a rarity in today’s day and age. And we hope to see more companies working together to redevelop the local market and subsequently, the business network.

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