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As leaders in the office automation industry, Nashua was abuzz on Monday, August 5. Changes within the company are on its way and the Nashua team is amped for the direction the company is preparing to take.

Addressing Nashua branches around the country, Mark Taylor, Executive Director of Reunert and CEO of Nashua, explains Nashua is set to face certain changes in the upcoming months. Changes which will focus on the Nashua brand and its image.

“Nashua was started in 1973, so we are a 46-year-old organisation. Over a period of time, all organisations have to constantly see what are their customers’ needs, what are their customers’ plans, but also what is changing in the environment in which they work.”

Surrounding the Nashua brand and its product set, Taylor emphasises how IT forms the core of every business organisation, as well as forming an integral part of how business is done.

From surveillance, access control, to how people gain access to your building (digital reception), digital platforms that the receptionist uses, the welcome boards, the display boards, the virtual PABX, right down to the office where a document is scanned, stored and retrieved for future purposes, IT is the virtual backbone of a company.

What makes these changes within the work environment truly exciting, Taylor says Nashua is changing with the environment itself. Constantly bringing innovative trends to the business world.

The Nashua Maluti team is set to embrace the new changes within Nashua.

With these changes, Taylor states Nashua is also looking at how to become more greener and eco-friendlier.

“There is something becoming more critical with the globe today, and that is how do we preserve the planet? How do we not waste resources? How do we not destroy the earth? How do we not leave a footprint behind that is not able to be cleaned up afterwards?”

And to that effect, Taylor says newer machines are using less energy. Furthermore, he says if one looks at where Nashua is going with VBX, it sits in a cloud-based system and therefore one does not run a PBX system which uses energy all the time. Production print has also changed over time and does not rely on mass production.

While focusing on saving the environment, Taylor explains how Nashua’s products are constantly evolving to ensure customers have efficient systems in place.

As Nashua continues to strive as a leader within the office automation world, Taylor says it is important for its staff to fully understand the products which the organisation supplies. Therefore, Nashua has invested in the new learning managing platform, the LMS.

This has been rolled into franchises across the country, to help staff enhance their knowledge in both business and private capacity.

However, these are not the only changes that Nashua is embracing in the coming months.

Other changes involve the brand itself. Taylor explains that if one looks at the brand image, Nashua would like to freshen its colours.

“Brands need to evolve to be fresh enough in the eye of the organisation and in the eye of the customer.”

Because of this and with the younger generation taking to the business world, Taylor says it is instrumental to create colours to which customers can identify to and relate with.

So how will the Nashua colours change?

Taylor says people can expect a much brighter red and a darker blue, as well as complimentary colours.

The Nashua Maluti team.

As Nashua evolves, Nashua Maluti’s Managing Director Louw Conradie has high hopes for the Nashua brand. His team at the ready to assist the business sector in their office automation needs, as they strive to be a one-stop-shop for businesses, from copiers to Internet solutions.

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