Osizweni man caught in a house with a firearm, but can’t explain why he was there

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A good excuse or a serious case of amnesia? Is this the new way for criminals caught in the act? 

After being caught inside a house in Osizweni, KwaZulu-Natal, an armed 31-year-old man claimed he had no idea why he was there or how he got there. 

Newcastle SAPS Spokesperson, Lizzy Arumugam explained that during the early hours of Friday morning, 29 July 2022Osizweni Crime Prevention Unit and the Newcastle Public Order Policing Unit were conducting an operation focused on drugs.

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During the routine operation, she pointed out that the officers followed up on information pertaining to a business robbery case.

With the information leading them to a house in the Jakalaas Span area in Osizweni, the police found the 31-year-old man inside the property, armed with a 38 special revolver and a spent bullet.

“When the police officials questioned the said suspect, he failed to explain to them why he was found inside the place,” Arumugam explained.

Needless to say, without a valid response, the man was taken into police custody and charged with being in possession of an illegal firearm. However, Arumugam noted that further investigations will be conducted into the matter to establish why he was in the residence with the firearm.

With this story in mind, what do you think happened? 

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