Engineer suspended for fraud from Newcastle Municipality

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Fraud within South African municipalities has resulted in dilapidated towns and heart-breaking environments for residents. With a large “corruption clean-up” surging through the Newcastle Municipality currently, an Electrical Engineer from the municipality’s Technical Services Department has been suspended.

The engineer in question was allegedly ordering stock, that never made it to his department’s shelves.

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According to a municipal source, the discovery was made when paperwork did not match the stock on hand. “It was found that the electrical engineer had made the orders, although it cannot be confirmed if he ordered the parts for himself at this point.”

The exact amount of money involved in the alleged crime could not be confirmed at the time of the article being published.

The government entity’s Acting Municipal Manager, Zamani Mcineka, was contacted for further comment. However, his office explained that no official comment could be supplied at present, as the matter was sub judice.

As the matter is still under investigation, this is not the first employee the Newcastle Municipality has suspended this year.

On 3 January 2022, the municipality suspended three senior managers amid a barrage of allegations brought against them.

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Adding to this, in May 2022, the Newcastle Municipality suspended and laid criminal charges against the former Acting Municipal Manager and SED for Community Services, Vish Govender.

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As the Newcastle Municipality clamps down on crime within its ranks, what are your thoughts on the above-mentioned? 

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11 thoughts on “Engineer suspended for fraud from Newcastle Municipality

  1. Telecom and office automation, electrical and pump station rfq’s must be looked into, and ofcourse advertising, promotions and the airshows, turning a blind eye to corruption, well done SIU

  2. What happened to the senior managers that were suspended in January?Are they still receiving their full salary?Were any criminal charges laid against them,and if any, what is the status of this case?

  3. It’s good that investigation are underway in the Newcastle Municipality futher investigation into the fire department need to be done. Last year(2021) the department employed fire fighters with no grade 12 going further employing a 50 year old man because he is friends with the fire chief. If they are dealing with corruption that as well needs to be addressed.

  4. It is a job well done, however, we hope that it is not targeted at individuals to settle political scores.

  5. Hopefully in future they will also investigate more with who ever taking the electric readings…and the meters should be logged and transparent for reference now is only municipality official we depend on

  6. I think I like the new leaders of Newcastle Municipality, we are still waiting for more clean up from this municipal.,

  7. Seems tellers are earning more than the councillors who are taking flak due to bad service delivery by the municipality.

    They have to attend waterleaks and report back to irate ratepayers. Soon people will make alternative plans.

    Seems we are not getting value for money.

  8. We also want, to know about a Million Rand which was accidentally paid by Karbochem?

    In less than 3 weeks was gone, when Karbochem realized the mistake and the money was vanished.

  9. We also want, to know about a Million Rand which was accidentally paid by Karbochem?

    In less than 3 weeks was gone, when Karbochem realized the mistake and the money was vanished.

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