Three vehicles collide on Drakensberg Drive, Newcastle

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Shortly after 7 am on Monday morning, 1 August 2022, three motor vehicles collided on a busy suburban road in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal.

With the crash taking place mere metres away from the Allen Street and Drakensberg Drive intersection, several Newcastillians found traffic flow hampered as emergency personnel and law enforcement attended to the scene.

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While no injuries were reported, one of the motorists involved in the collision explained how the incident unfolded—claiming that the driver of the Chevrolet bakkie was responsible.

“He drove into the back of the Mazda, before attempting to go past and hitting my bakkie on the side.”

The driver of the Chevrolet bakkie had allegedly hit the Mazda SUV so hard, that it forced the vehicle onto the embankment in the middle of the road.

Law enforcement explained the exact cause of the crash was unclear, with one source claiming that initially it was suspected that alcohol might have played a role. However, following preliminary investigations, it was discovered that the motorist was diabetic and this could have contributed to the crash. 

With various questions requiring answers, police investigations are now underway. 

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