Newcastle Municipality “explains” loadshedding impact and high elec bills

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Loadshedding had its worse run in the first half of 2022. But as several Newcastillians remarked, the power outages had no impact on their monthly Municipal bills.

In fact, numerous Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal residents reported a substantial increase in their utility bills despite the serve loadshedding.

Responding, the Newcastle Municipality has claimed that the reasoning behind this is not their fault, but rather residents’ high electricity usage.

According to the government entity’s Communications Department, the bill that consumers received in the month of July 2022 is reflective of the electricity consumption for May/June 2022. 

“It must be noted that during the winter season, i.e. May, June, July and August, electricity consumption is always high. The largest consumers of electricity are geysers and stoves. In winter the geysers utilize more electricity to keep the water hot, as water going into the geyser is much colder as compared to the summer season.”

Municipal Communications Unit

As for the power outages that Eskom implemented, the Newcastle Municipality stated that loadshedding does not necessarily decrease the consumption of electricity, as most households pause activities needing electricity to accommodate loadshedding and then continue once electricity is restored. “Equally, consumers who have Prepaid Meters also use more electricity during the winter season,”.

But, if this were the case, then the entire point of Eskom’s loadshedding would be useless.

Nevertheless and stating the obvious, the Newcastle Municipality’s Communications Unit further pointed out that Eskom also does more loadshedding in the winter months. This, according to the entity, is because there is more pressure on the grid, a fact South Africans are all too familiar with. 

22 thoughts on “Newcastle Municipality “explains” loadshedding impact and high elec bills

  1. Load of crap! The loadshedding was implemented for almost 1/3 of every day. You would expect a definite decrease of consumption. We bought a gas stove, switched to rechargeable energy saving globes, kettle that work with gas. We switch our geyser on only two hours before bath time. The municipality’s excuse doesn’t justify the consumption. My personal opinion… I think the municipality took estimations when they did the readings and then added their price increase accordingly.

  2. Why don’t we get a discount on the availability of electricity monthly amount when there is load shedding or outages, why must we pay for something that we are not getting.
    Telkom gives a discount when our adsl lines are down.
    We should receive the same for electricity and water supply.

  3. This is nonsense. I should be paying less for electricity in winter than the summer because in the summer my sealing fans are running day and night and my swimming pool pump is running 8 hours a day. Where in the winter i dont use fans at all and i switch my pool pump off completely and i dont have any heaters or electric blankets. So how come my electricity bill is is almost double.

  4. A whole lot of nonsense…I use a gas heater. stove .account is more than R1500 more than previous month…this thing of may june july does not apply as during these months some account are averaged billed.Council should appoint competent staff in Revenue Department…not political appointees as they dont know how to help the public…they state at you as if we are in the wrong

  5. The high utility bills were resolved in Newcastle Residents Forum Budget submission to the municipality. But they ignored it, thereby putting the town into chaos.

  6. This is the most doffest response the municipality cud give….definitely they found it from a lucky packet. May accounts have already been paid end June…where do they fabricate the 2 mnths billing the reason fir the over rated bills….then we wud like to know what did they do with our huge amounts we already paid end June for May…pls find another excuse cause this excuse is petty n lame n we the residents are getting fed up of funding other peoples luxuries n wastage spending….something needs to be done ASAP…WE ARE NOT GOING TO BE ABUSED INTO PAYING FOR OTHER PEOPLES INCOMPETENCE

  7. What a load of croc…
    NN municipality it ripping off the consumers every turn they can. I would presume it’s because of their inability to control money…
    Ie into the pockets……

  8. How could the Municipality through their communication department ALLOWED THIS LOAD OF RUBBISH TO BE PUBLISHED?? Who are they think they are dealing with?

  9. Nonsense. I have gas stove . Gas heater. Even a water tank. Kettle for gas stove. Bath ones a day. Its only myself and husb. We bath together all of this to safe. But the account stays high. Come on whats going on.

  10. It is about time competent, caring people are employed, same should be able to deal respectfully with clients. Especially the elderly folk who don’t need a telling off by young incompetent staff. Has any metro or municipality ever thought of lightening the burden for old age homes?
    These folk try their best to cut down over using power. Response please.

  11. I agree its to serv all the fat cats working for our towncounsel to pay for there smart cars they are subsedise for i dont use a geyzer i have a gas geyzer and stove

  12. This is not true-you are stealing our money. We do not use geysers, electric blankets and heaters. The water meter have not being read this year. The soil is level to the top. The water pressure is 10kPa. The sewarage is overflowing every second week and must be cleared. Do your job what we are paying you for.

  13. We also use gas heaters in winter not electricity heaters, our cooking is standard. Sometimes even if you are not at home for some time but the bill will be the same. Electricity should be read monthly and no estimation as this cripples people that are not consuming a lot of electricity. Municipality should consider monthly readings.

  14. Bills have increased by 50% in a single month which is ridiculous coming from severe load shedding, saying load shedding is not effective in reducing consumption shows a lack of competence. Whoever was tasked with compiling this response must think residents are mentally challenged. Geysers are automatically turned off in other homes by the municipality using them as an excuse is extremely disappointing. The coming SIU investigation is clearly needed no one with a sound mind can justify this outrageous act by the municipality

  15. I am surprised because I stay alone and I use a gas stove. We are being ripped off here. I am a pensioner. Where will this additional money come from?

  16. Load of non sense
    1. Our electric meters for the entire bottom Uranus dont work even work so what are they charging us…excuse is it’s averages. The rate we have been charged is similar to those households who have all things electric..and pools
    We don’t have a pool
    We have had gas geysers for years
    We don’t use an electric kettle everything is gas
    We have all our bulbs LED
    We are on solar power
    Our ‘on grid’ use should be minimal but we charged similar to everyone else. It does not make sense and all the above arguments are null in void.
    They are over charging on water as well and not just small amounts as in on average about 60kL more a month extra ..again don’t have a pool. Don’t use baths only shower we have 2 JoJo tanks. Nothing adds up. We being heavily over çharged … But we 1nof 4 Wards actually paying our bills. Makes you wonder …..

  17. I only use electricity for light and the fridge yet the bill is unbelievably high. These reasons are 90% bull sh…and another 10% bull sh…Zena

  18. The explanation is not relevant to the question and what is the solution with high electricity bill….we can’t be told that lights and other mentioned staff are accumulating usage of electricity even when we were in stage 4&6 some we’re not even home most but explanation given is grouping all residents why can’t we call / sms municipality office with the readings and their officials will verify by visiting houses?

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