Impala and Victoria Road, Newcastle collision sees jaws of life used

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On Tuesday morning, just after 8 am 26 July 2022, at the intersection of Impala Drive and Victoria Road in Newcastle, two vehicles collided resulting in EMS having to use the jaws of life to free two people.

At present, the details surrounding the collision are sketchy. But an official source on the scene claimed one of the motorists had been turning into Impala Drive from Victoria Road when the motorist of the second vehicle a BMW (driving down Impala Drive), collided with her.

Due to the nature of the collision, Newcastle firefighters had to be called to the scene, as two of the occupants were entrapped in the vehicle, hit by the BMW.

Using the jaws of life, the firefighters were able to free the occupants, so that paramedics could attend to them.

While the motorist of the BMW managed to escape with minor injuries, the two occupants in the other vehicle sustained more serious injuries. Once stabilised on the scene, they were taken to hospital for further medical treatment.

Providing some input, a bystander voiced his anger at the number of collisions along Victoria Road and Impala Drive. “I live in the area and there is a collision almost every second week. People speed along the road, and something needs to be done about it,” he exclaimed.

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3 thoughts on “Impala and Victoria Road, Newcastle collision sees jaws of life used

  1. I have complained many times and have asked why are there not speed humps at the stop streets in Victoria road as 95% of the drivers do no stop. This accident by the looks of the photo maybe speed was a factor. If the one vehicle was turning one of the traffic lights would have been red. So who jumped a red light. Maybe cameras should be installed as most Newcastle drivers should not have a drivers license. It is all about Attitude.

  2. I travel to school every morning and return every afternoon. Living at Palm Park. People do not stop when robot turns yellow or red. They chase like mad. When the robot turns green, I still needs to wait a few minutes to see who is going to chase over the red robot, and it happens daily, that people chases over red or yellow robot. It is an utmost dangers crossing. Really.
    Please come sit there and watch from 6.30 until 8h00. Actually it keeps on the whole day

  3. Can we please please get a “turn cycle” for Victoria Rd traffic that needs to enter Impala road. The Vic.Rd user speed and you can only turn once the light has turned red- and you have checked for those who ignore the red light.

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