Substantial amount of “Kat” discovered in Lennoxton, Newcastle

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Drug dealers remain a blight within Newcastle, plying their wares in various suburbs in Newcastle.

This comes hot on the heels of law enforcement arresting a man for dealing in Kat (“poor man’s cocaine”) in Lennoxton.

Kat (Methcathinone) is used as a recreational drug due to its potent stimulant and euphoric effects. The drug is addictive, with both physical and psychological withdrawal occurring if its use is discontinued after prolonged or high-dosage administration. While Kat is usually snorted, it can be smoked, injected, or taken orally.

Newcastle Crime Fighter Task Team member, Imran Ghafoor explained that Amajuba Crime Intelligence received information about drug dealing taking place in Lennoxton.

He explained that following Crime intelligence supplying the information, the Newcastle K9 Unit and the Newcastle Crime Fighter Task Team set up an operation to investigate the matter.

One suspect was apprehended, while a substantial amount of kat was confiscated. Ghafoor stated that the street value of the drugs is still to be determined. However, the suspect will now be charged with drug possession.

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