Newcastle Municipality pledges to remedy service delivery

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Service delivery, or a lack thereof, has been a discussion point among Newcastillians for years. However, can residents now expect the Newcastle Municipality to take a more proactive and results-driven approach to the running of the town?

This follows Newcastle Mayor, Cllr Xolani Dube theming 2022 as the year of clean governance, improving service delivery and bringing government closer to the people (Sikubantu, Sise’mphakathini).

According to the Municipality’s Communications Unit, the aim is to encourage public servants, officials, and ward councillors to appreciate the value and virtue of service to the communities they serve.

In line with the Mayor’s theme, Cllr Dube officially launched the Newcastle Municipality Service Delivery week on Wednesday, 20 July 2022, in Charlestown, Newcastle.

During this time, Cllr Dube will lead a team of public servants, expected to roll up their sleeves and clean up on their respective service delivery points.

The event will be marked by the following initiatives:

  • Unveiling of pipe replacement projects.
  • Upgrading of roads and the unveiling of new road projects.
  • Painting of speed humps and road markings.
  • Meter leak repairs.

Additionally, Cllr Dube officially launched a multimillion-rand water pipeline replacement project, aimed at easing water challenges in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal.

The project comes with a R12 million price tag and, according to the Municipality’s Communications Unit, will put an end to ongoing water disruptions in Ward 5, which covers Barry Hertzog Park, Ncandu Park and Amajuba Park.

With various service delivery-related programs animating, the Mayor and his delegation will also ensure that all municipal infrastructure is functioning. They will also use the occasion to unblock bottlenecks and service delivery hindrances.

On the day, Cllr Dube urged all municipal departments to adopt the Service Delivery Week as a monthly programme.

“Service Delivery Week is the municipality’s way of displaying a municipality which serves the interests of the people and puts the people’s needs first. It’s our way of saying we belong, we care, and we serve the people of Newcastle. It is also our initiative to bring services to the doorstep of the people that we serve,” he said.

Moreover, Cllr Dube emphasised that the current municipal administration has adopted this initiative and will ensure that it becomes part of its monthly program.

“Community members must be able to see the role of the municipality through our actions. As part of our theme ‘Sikubantu, Sise’mphakathini’, we want to create a culture where municipal public servants and officials obtain first-hand accounts of the challenges faced by the community,” concluded the Newcastle Mayor.

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