End to Newcastle, KZN’s outrageous sewage problem, assures Mayor

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Having reported on the topic extensively, and having assisted numerous Newcastillians and businesses in sorting out sewage problems over the years—if the Newcastle Mayor’s words ring true “a sewage issue-free future” is on the horizon. 

Apart from bubbling manholes and nose-breaking smells around the town, among those severely impacted by unmanaged sewage problems are those living in the old railway houses on Paterson Street. Due to the continuous overflow of raw sewage, these residents are continuously forced to wade through fecal matter in their yards, living in an unhygienic environment.

“The Newcastle Municipality needs to do something about the problem. The sewage flows into our yards on a regular basis, and will be fine after the Municipality drains the manholes, but the problem just comes back a few days afterwards,” said one resident, Vikesh Sing.

In response and now in need of a long-term solution, Newcastle Mayor, Cllr Xolani Dube, the Newcastle Municipality and the business sector will be joining hands to address the problem.

“The issue of the sewage leaks is due to aging infrastructure and the fact that it was not maintained. However, the Newcastle Municipality is now attending to the matter.”

Newcastle Mayor, Cllr Xolani Dube

According to the Mayor, the Municipality has allocated R8.7 million to begin restoring the sewage system in town. Additionally, Cllr Dube pointed out that he joined a number of businesses at a dinner event, where the business sector and the municipality looked at ways the two could work together. “Some of the businesses have said they would be able to assist the municipality in addressing the sewage issues.”

In fact, he highlighted that there were business owners who stated they could assist in sourcing the municipality more affordable contractors and parts to ensure Newcastle’s ageing infrastructure is correctly addressed.

Cllr Dube further highlighted that the government entity has already begun working on the sewage issue, with community residents set to see a change in the coming weeks.

Concluding, the Mayor stressed it was essential to address this issue as soon as possible, as it played a major part in future investments for the town,

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