Osizweni man found with AK47, could be linked to various crimes

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A 31-year-old man is now the subject of intense scrutiny, with the Osizweni SAPS set to profile him and potentially link him to further crimes.

This comes after the man was found with an AK47, one hundred and fifty-seven AK47 bullets, a 9mm pistol, and thirty-one, 9mm pistol bullets.

Spokesperson for Osizweni SAPS, Captain Sipho Nkosi explained, “The Tactical Response Team (TRT) from Ladysmith and the Osizweni Crime Prevention Unit received information that the suspect was travelling with the firearms to Osizweni from Ladysmith.”

Responding to information, the team was led to Mdlulu Stand within the Osizweni Policing area.

Upon arrival and locating the suspect with the unlicensed firearms and ammunition, Captain Nkosi said, “The suspect was also found with a red Isuzu bakkie that was stolen in Dannhauser and used to transport the firearms and ammunition.”

Osizweni man found with guns 2
Images: Supplied by SAPS

According to Captain Nkosi, while the suspect remains in police custody, he made his first official court appearance in the Madadeni Magistrate Court on 13 July 2022.

Additionally, Captain Nkosi said that due to the calibre of the firearms and the amount of ammunition he was found with, the 31-year-old man will face further investigations.

“We don’t know the motive of why he was transporting the weapons and ammunition from Ladysmith to Osizweni. Because of this, we will be following up on the case, as to see if he can be linked to other cases or if he is wanted in other areas,” concluded Captain Nkosi.

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