House robbery victim on Uranus Crescent, Newcastle, attacked with a panga

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After returning to his home on Uranus Crescent, Signal Hill, a Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal resident walked into an ordeal that has left him laying slashed up in a hospital bed.

According to a police source, the man had gone out during the day. When he returned at approximately 1.30 pm, the two men were already in his home. The source then stated that the house door had allegedly been forced open.

Once inside, the men, armed with pangas, proceeded to repeatedly and savagely assault the man, hacking the victim’s head, shoulders and one of his hands.

The source further claimed that a random person heard the commotion going on in the house and called law enforcement and paramedics. Thankfully, paramedics arrived promptly and got the man to hospital where he is currently stable.  

Newcastle SAPS spokesperson, Lizzy Arumugam explained that the suspects are still at large, and Newcastle detectives are currently conducting investigations into the matter.

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3 thoughts on “House robbery victim on Uranus Crescent, Newcastle, attacked with a panga

  1. What is happening to our beloved country you can’t even pop out for a while in broard daylight anymore hope the person recovers well

    1. Ja…. I knew it was coming to this…
      From the time we got robbed and seeing the outcome from the police force with regards to investigations ect . I said then and I’ll say it again…

      When I complained to the then cluster commander, he was more worried about why the cops let me come see him in the first place,
      The guy tried to get me to loose my temper and then still called the captain to see what they could charge me with as I said I was laying a complaint.

      After months of the complaint sitting with the police, I get a call oh, the guy resigned so there’s nothing they can do…..

      This is what the police force has turned into in Newcastle….

      Get armed response ….. They will atleast be there when you call…….

  2. Something needs to be done by municipality and police and parents of these youth standing in the street intersections as they are are also a course of concern. I’m not blaming them but they increase the vulnerability risk among community members. They are also increasing if there is no deterrent. I have seen in of the town’s certain shopping centres givea them the sameday expring food and they go away

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