Newcastle Municipality allocates R10 million to road repairs

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After a long haul for Newcastle residents and a flurry of articles on the subject, progress is now underway regarding local roads and their potholes. 

Following a chat with the Newcastle Municipality’s Municipal Manager, Zamani Mcineka, the Northern KwaZulu-Natal-based government entity has set aside R10 million for the resealing and repair of severely damaged roads throughout the town.

Additionally, the Newcastle Municipality is working on resurfacing gravel roads in Newcastle West. Once this is approved the community will be informed, affirmed the Municipal Manager. 

The above news comes as a relief to Newcastillians, as many were left scratching their head in May 2022 following a bizarre comment from the municipality on the subject. This was after, the Newcastle Municipality’s Communication Department claimed that climate change and severe weather conditions played a role in the current condition of local roads. 

At the time, the Municipality’s Communications Unit explained, “Over time, the Municipality, like the rest of the country, did not predict the severity of climate change and the harsh impact it has on our roads. The Municipality has, however, forged and learnt valuable lessons, as it gears itself towards being better prepared.”

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Nevertheless, with the budget approved, the Municipal Manager confirmed that the project is set to launch this week.

Additionally, the municipality has also submitted a business plan to the provincial government, to obtain further funding. While the outcome of the business plan is still pending, if approved, it could see additional monies to restore Newcastle’s infrastructure.  

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  1. And 1 2 3 POOF GONE is that money in their pockets. A bunch of useless brainless people. The only brain cell they ever had is to steal. Typical Municipality / Goverment

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