21 cameras going up in Riverside Industrial, Newcastle, due to crime

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The murder of a security guard in Gutenberg Street, Riverside Industrial, KwaZulu-Natal has triggered an initiative to assist the Newcastle SAPS in dealing with a thriving crime issue.

Looking at the incident, on 2 July 2022, at approximately 10 pm. According to a source, the security guard had been conducting his duties at a business premise, when he was approached by a man, who allegedly wanted to enter the premises.

When he was denied access, an argument apparently broke out between him and the security guard. During the altercation, the security guard was shot in the face and killed, before the suspect fled the scene.

The Newcastle SAPS is currently investigating the case, but no arrests have been made as of yet.

Looking at the murder, Alex Liu of the Chinese Chamber explained that crime in the Industrial area was rising at a concerning pace.

“The Industrial area is plagued by burglaries and thefts, and now it has escalated to murder. There is now a concern for further violence.”

Currently, Liu pointed out that there were approximately three to five burglaries and theft cases a week. Stolen items were usually taps, copper pipes and other items that criminals could quickly snatch.

However, he stressed that it was only a matter of time before perpetrators became bolder in their actions.

“We appreciate the Newcastle SAPS conducting regular patrols, even on the night of the murder, the police arrived within two minutes. But with loadshedding, it is becoming more dangerous in the area,” Liu emphasised.

Following the security guard’s murder and growing concerns about further crime, the Chinese Community Policing Forum (CPF) will now be taking decisive steps.

Within the upcoming weeks, the Chinese CPF will be installing 21 surveillance cameras in the industrial area.

The cameras will be installed along various roads and intersections in Riverside Industrial to assist the SAPS in capturing criminals and preventing further criminal progression.

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