Pharmacies raided on Kirkland and Allen Street, Newcastle

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Two Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal pharmacies are now in hot water after police raided their businesses on Thursday, 29 June 2022.

Following up on information, SAPS visited the two pharmacies situated in the town’s CBD on Kirkland Street and Allen Street.

“The pharmacies were found to be selling illegal medical items that had not been passed by the Medical Control Act,” explained the Newcastle SAPS Communications Unit.

As a result, the items, which included a variety of skin lighting creams, were confiscated by the SAPS.

The Newcastle SAPS Communications Unit further highlighted that it was essential for pharmacies to adhere to the Medicine Control Act.

“While some of the items, such as the creams, might not look serious to people, one needs to consider that it could prove detrimental to one’s health. A person could be allergic to some of the ingredients.” Additionally, certain items could even possibly have Carcinogens (a cancer-causing substance).

 “This is why it is important to only obtain health-related items from reputable pharmacies, retailers or doctors.” Pharmacies found selling illicit items could face fines of up to R50 000 and potential jail time.

Well done to the following teams: Amajuba District Crime Stop Team, the Newcastle Bylaws officers, Provincial Crime Stop Unit, and Provincial Brand Specialists.

With two people from the respective pharmacies taken into custody, what are your thoughts? 

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