Underground brewery discovered in Amiel Park, Newcastle

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After receiving valuable intel, a group of various local law enforcement agencies came together to shut down an underground brewery in Amiel Park, Newcastle.

According to KZN Police Spokesperson, Constable Thenjiswa Ngcobo, on Thursday morning, at around 9:40 am, law enforcement received the said information shortly before taking down the operation.

“On arrival, they found the alcohol and arrested four suspects aged between 19 and 65 for being in possession of counterfeit goods,” said Constable Ngcobo. Further stating that the illicit liquor had been seized by the SAPS.

While Ngcobo did not divulge the value of the bust, he pointed out that they will appear in the Newcastle Magistrate’s Court this week.

Well done to the following teams: Amajuba District Crime Stop Task Team, Newcastle bylaw officers/wardens, the SAPS Provincial Crime Stop Unit, and Provincial Brand Specialists.

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8 thoughts on “Underground brewery discovered in Amiel Park, Newcastle

  1. Just wondering if there would be any connection with this brewery and vehicles driving into the park at Amiel Park night and day, especially after 20h00 and exchanging goods from the vehicles or would this be another illegal activity that the suburb would be used for.

  2. Just wondering if this syndicate will be reallt prosecuted or if they will be protected by the local corrupt police and legal syndicate that exists in Newcastle.

  3. Where were the law enforcement agencies so long. Complicit? It shows SA’s law enforcement agencies did and do have the capacity but they were captured by self interest. Nonetheless it will take a long time to clean up this mess in all public spheres as we allowed the rot to set in. And most of all KZN is the worse with a bullish ANC who sees no wrong in looting and capturing state resources. Think of the gall of Zanele Gumede whose eyeing provincial financial treasurer??? One whose charged with money laundering, embezzling of public funds , etc. Aargh.

  4. What a very good work,wishing that I can be re instated back to saps as I have got Lt of information like this I can crack.

  5. The crime is so rife in these areas. It’s senseless blaming the foreigners when our own people entice them to get involved. Even the cops are corrupt and before you know it the criminals are back at it again bcos they bribed high authority with that same dirty money that they make.

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