Urine and faeces paint Newcastle public toilets, but there is more to this

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Showcasing a pathetic level of social understanding and basic human behaviour—numerous people, due to the public toilets in the Nedbank Centre being unavailable, are choosing to defecate and urinate on the floor and walls outside it. 

The ablution facilities, situated behind FNB in Newcastle’s CBD were recently closed off to the public by the Newcastle Municipality. This is according to a vendor in the area. “We were told on Thursday (23 June 2022) that there was a blockage that had to be fixed. Now people are just going to the toilet outside, and it is horrible.”

A visit to the site is not only an assault on the senses but does pose a massive health risk to pedestrians and local businesses. Therefore, the Newcastle Municipality was approached for comment.

Responding, the Newcastle Municipality’s Communications confirmed that the public toilets were indeed blocked. But, not due to a lack of service delivery. “The public is encouraged to properly utilise the facility by refraining from throwing foreign objects such as liquor bottles and tins into the sewer system.”

Coming as a relief to those affected by the ordeal, the facilities were officially re-opened on Wednesday morning, 29 June 2022. This is after the Municipal Technical Services Team cleared the blockage.

While the blockage was caused by residents discarding litter into the toilets, the Communications Unit pointed out that the municipality was committed to attending to maintenance issues, as and when they are reported. As for members of the public relieving themselves outside the ablution facilities, the Communications Unit said this type of behaviour was not acceptable.

“Such activity must be reported to the By-Law Enforcement Office in the Municipality on 034 328 4706.”

To ensure people do not have to relieve themselves in public, the Communications Unit said that the Municipality provides four public toilet blocks in the CBD and an additional three blocks at the taxi rank. The toilets are operational 12 hours per day, from 6 am until 6 pm.

With numerous entities, including the Newcastillian – Online News working to uplift our communities, be sure to report such people for the sake of everyone. 

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