Scott and Montague Streets traffic lights only to be repaired in August 2022

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For several months, starting in 2021, Newcastle motorists have found themselves contending with nonfunctional traffic lights at the intersection of Scott Street and Montague Street, in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal.

One motorist, who wished to remain anonymous, explained, “It is a busy intersection, and the traffic officers can’t be expected to monitor it the whole time. The Newcastle Municipality needs to do something, as it is putting people at risk of a potential collision.”

According to a response from the Newcastle Municipality, Newcastillians can, however, only expect the traffic light to be repaired in August 2022.

“The Municipality is awaiting the Supply Management Chain processes to conclude so that a contractor can be appointed to supply with necessary spares,” the Communications Unit said.

While waiting for the process to conclude, the Communications Unit pointed out that the biggest challenge the Municipality is facing in repairing the traffic light is limited funding and unavailability of resources.

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2 thoughts on “Scott and Montague Streets traffic lights only to be repaired in August 2022

  1. Why does the municipality not keep consumable spares, this is quite shocking, no spares, have they even checked what the fault is, or just condemned It as not reparable.
    Many this municipality leads a person to really wonder what they are capable of of doing and what they can’t do.

  2. I agree with the municipality. Funds are a major issue. To stock spares is not an option. Procuring spares is an issue due to lack of funds. The Mayor did mention on all his road shows that the new leadership inherited a municipality that is in heavy debt. However once funding is obtained these problems we are facing will get fixed. August is a month of aggressive service delivery. The municipality had to write of over 1.5 billion of unrecoverable debt from residents. If this was paid in then Newcastle will be debt free and there will be no excuses for service delivery. Everyone has to play their part in order for the smooth running of Newcastle. It’s not fair to paying residents to suffer because of defaulters. Harsh penalties needs to be enforced to defaulters .

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