Madadeni paedophile lures 13-year-old girl into home

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Heartbreakingly, a 13-year-old girl was raped in Section 5, Madadeni, by a 27-year-old man over the past weekend. 

Providing information, Newcastle Crime Fighter Task Team member, Imran Ghafoor explained that the incident unfolded after the teenager walked past the man’s house.

“He then called her and told her to come inside his home, as he wanted to show her something. He then raped her and allowed her to leave,” explained Ghafoor.

Traumatised by the life-changing incident, the girl then ran home and notified her family of what had happened to her.

As a result, Ghafoor pointed out that law enforcement then set a plan into action, arresting the man on Sunday night, 26 June 2022

It is worth noting that this wretched human is expected to appear in court within the upcoming week.

While further police investigations are now underway, Ghafoor is now appealing to young girls to be cautious of men who talk to them.

“When someone calls a young girl or a woman to meet them at their home, rather take someone with you or simply avoid going into their property at all,” he affirmed.

If you are aware of any such people in your community, for the sake of so many innocent lives, report them immediately. They are creatures who belong in cages. 

112 from any cell phone in South Africa is an emergency number to use if your local police do not answer. 

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