Police line-up sees Madadeni murderer behind bars

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The wheels of justice are finally in motion, following the tragic passing of Minenhle Matthews, who was found murdered in December 2021.

Newcastle SAPS Spokesperson Lizzy Arumugam explained that Matthews went missing from Section 3, Madadeni last year. Allegedly he had been kidnapped on 4 December 2021, with his body being found along a riverbank between Madadeni and Utrecht on 11 December 2021.

After Matthews’s body was found, the Madadeni Police opened a murder case and began their investigations.

In April 2022, Arumugam explained that police finally had a breakthrough with a suspect being arrested after being identified in a suspect line-up by a witness.

Following the alleged perpetrator’s arrest, Arumugam pointed out that court proceedings subsequently began, with the individual’s legal representation applying for bail.

However, Arumugam noted, “Bail has been opposed and the suspect will now be appearing in the Madadeni District Court.”

The court date, according to Arumugam, is still to be confirmed.

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