Sunday braai turns into fiery chaos for a homeowner in Pioneer Park

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Showcasing just how fast a good time can turn into disarray, on Sunday evening, 19 June 2022, a fire erupted at a home in Mountford Street, Pioneer Park, Newcastle.

After receiving the call, Newcastle firefighters arrived to find the homeowner battling a blazing Lapa. “When firefighters arrived, they took over and extinguished the flames before they spread any further,” a source on the scene explained.

Fortunately, no one was injured. However, an official pointed out that the fire started after the resident had a braai earlier the day, and allegedly left the braai area unattended.

However, the homeowner, Zander Waarlè explained he and his wife had a braai. Yet, after they had concluded, Waarlè said that a friend who had joined them Hendrik Grobler then left. With only a few coals left on the braai, he and his wife then went into their home, sitting on a couch, mere meters away from the braai.

While sitting on the couch, Waarlè said something didn’t feel right and he decided to go check on the coals. It was then that he discovered the fire.

According to Waarlè, he grabbed his hosepipe and began to douse the flames, while simultaneously calling the Fire Department and his friend to return to assist him.

Moments later, the fire station arrived and ensured the fire was extinguished.

Newcastillians are encouraged to practice caution when braaing, ensuring the coals are fully extinguished before leaving one’s braai area. 

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