Truck protests are now blocking the N11 between Newcastle and Ladysmith 

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Motorists travelling on the N11 from Newcastle to Ladysmith are being encouraged to seek alternative routes, as truck drivers are currently blockading the roads.

The R34 is also allegedly closed between Fort Mistake and Platberg Truck Stop (Elandslaagte), trucks also hampering traffic flow.

Video & Photo Credit: Road Angels Traffic Information

In addition to this, those travelling along the N3 are also encouraged to practice extreme caution, this is according to the N3 Toll Concession. The N3 Toll Concession has confirmed that traffic on the N3 Toll Route is currently obstructed by trucks blocking the road in both directions near Makiti (at Roadside/Reitz interchange) between Warden and Villiers.

According to the toll concession, heavy congestion is being reported in the area with the current traffic backlog extending more than 5km in each direction. Law enforcement authorities are monitoring the situation.

“Road users are warned to approach the area with caution. More information will be shared as soon as it becomes available,” the toll concession pointed out.

Adding to this, SA Trucker took to social media warning road users that reports have come in that vehicles are being stoned while using alternative routes.

SA Trucker has urged motorists to rather try and avoid the area completely, or delay their travel plans.

The protest action is allegedly linked to truck drivers continuing their fight with the government, in terms of foreign nationals being employed by local companies.

It should be noted that during the course of October 2021, Fikile Mbalula, the Minister of Transport, met with protesting truck drivers and assured them that the necessary steps were being taken to address the issue of foreign nationals being employed.

At the time, Mablula stressed that a foreign national would not be permitted to drive a South African-registered truck once the new regulations took effect.

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With threats of the protest action set to continue until Friday, 17 June 2022, motorists are encouraged to remain cautious when travelling along the N3.

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7 thoughts on “Truck protests are now blocking the N11 between Newcastle and Ladysmith 

  1. We are missing the point here.
    This is a golden opportunity to use the occasion to call for the firing of the whole government instead of grieving the cost of fuel.

  2. The police should arrest these protesting drivers as it is ruining our economy. They are taking us hostage.The foreign truck driver work hard,keep theirtrucks clean and drive well.

  3. No matter what your grievances are, it should not be to the cost of other law abiding citizens.
    The truck owners must get rid of the culprits.

  4. I support the motion this country was liberated by strikes such as these, infact to get attention around here you must protest. it worked for the June 16 youth, currently works for politicians will definitely work for truck drivers. Next strike should be fuel gov must scrap all these levies.

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