Fikile Mbalula warns truckers that police will not hesitate to unleash the wrath of the law

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With Newcastillians around the province dealing with trucks blockading main roads, the Minister of Transport, Fikile Mbalula has voiced his dismay.

Truck drivers began blockading roads on Tuesday, 14 June 2022, impacting the N3, the N11 and the R34. The drivers are allegedly protesting against the employment of foreign nationals within the local trucking industry.

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While the N11 has reopened, the Transport Ministry pointed out that Minister Mbalula has been working with Minister Thulas Nxesi of the Department of Employment and Labour, Minister Aaron Motsoaledi of Home Affairs, and the affected stakeholders to address the issues previously raised by the truck drivers and small truck operators.  

“We have held a number of engagements with stakeholders, and we are on the verge of an agreement that will clear the path for implementation of the agreed interventions. We will not tolerate lawlessness in the form of blockading of roads, as this not only sabotages economic activity, but undermines the rights of others to use the roads,” said Mbalula.

Adding to this, Mbalula stressed that law enforcement authorities would not hesitate to unleash the wrath of the law on those who resort to unlawful conduct to voice their grievances and undermine the rights of others in the process.

The Transport Ministry has also said that the Road Traffic Management Corporation and other law enforcement authorities will implement measures to ensure the roads are re-opened and normal traffic activity resumes.

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