COSATU working on protests across KZN this Friday

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A sense of relief was felt by South Africa and its investors, after the call for a National Shutdown on 10 June 2022 fell on deaf ears.

However, it would appear, that the itch to protest was not scratched and KwaZulu-Natal residents can now expect large-scale protest action this coming week. This follows the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) KZN branch calling for a protest demonstration on Friday, 17 June 2022.

According to a post, the protest action is aimed at the recent fuel hikes, the high cost of living, the unemployment and poverty rate, and poor wages received by the Average person.

Apparently, KZN COSATU has been in consultations with its structures and resolved to work with mass-democratic-movement, other civic organisations, and social movements to raise concerns about the ever-increasing and skyrocketing fuel prices.

With the social media post going viral, COSATU KZN’s Regional Secretary, Edward Mkhize explained that currently, the protest action will be limited to the Durban area, starting in Carrington and ending with a picket outside the Parliamentary building in Mariannhill.

However, when looking at the rest of KZN, Mkhize explained, “We are working with other local members who have shown interest in hosting protests in their area.” Mkhize assured that residents would be notified once the preparations had been finalised and the necessary details confirmed. 

With this in mind, COSATU stated that it has always been at the forefront, leading the struggle against fuel and VAT increases.

In a statement, the trade union highlighted, “As COSATU, we remain resolute in the fight against fuel hikes which ultimately culminates in the high cost of living and poverty. Therefore, our approach to this issue is a holistic one that encompasses the protection of jobs and wages.”

The Newcastillian – Online News will keep you posted on which towns and cities will be joining in the protests.  

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8 thoughts on “COSATU working on protests across KZN this Friday

  1. Why only KZN? makes you wonder. Everything affects everybody in the country… So why choose only KZN?

  2. So have a national strike about cost of living, peoples low wages, fuel etc. People take time off work etc to protest, disruption of businesses, disruption of people getting to their place of employment…isnt this going to cause further mayhem in kzn and further damage financial growth…people loose jobs, prices hike even more, investors pull out…how does it help?????

    1. I do not agree with this strike, because we as South Africans know very well that the cause of petrol hike is caused by Ukraine and Russia something that we don’t have control of .
      So instead of coming up with solutions you organise strike how does this going to help to reduce the fuel price?

  3. This country is going on a downward spiral soon to become another Zimbabwe. And those who are affected most are the poor masses.
    Its tragic that the ANC had a chance to prove themselves after the struggle, but they have done the total opposite and the previously disadvantaged are still disadvantaged in a so called democracy.

  4. Yes all bosses and well paid people don’t feel it…We Mus suffer even with child support grant that lousy 480 we can only buy oil n rice why they cannot give us increase aswel as 350what much can u do life is hard we need to stand together

  5. This means that we are going to have major looting and damage again like a year ago!!!!. Don’t they ever learn??????

  6. This strike is necessary. I mean really SARS taxes are gone higher. SARS is now charging more taxes on payday after deduction. The net pay now is not enough. Price of food is gone up higher. Cost of traveling in a liftclub is gone up more now due to fuel prices increased. The cost of living has become difficult and gone up more. This strike is necessary indeed.

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