Law enforcement pulls together to stop Cash in transit heist

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A planned cash-in-transit (CIT) heist was foiled on Monday, 6 June 2022, thanks to highly efficient, quick thinking from law enforcement.

Explaining the events of the day, Newcastle Crime Fighter Task Team member, Imran Ghafoor, said that information was received on Monday regarding a planned CIT robbery, set to take place in Tugela Ferry, Northern KwaZulu-Natal.

With the information reviewed and the threat deemed credible, “a plan was put into place to take the suspects down,” stated Ghafoor.

The gears now in motion and looking for the criminal’s vehicle, Ghafoor explained that Ithemba Security Tracing team members found a white Volkswagen Polo at the earmarked location of the planned robbery. 

According to Ghafoor, three men climbed out of the vehicle and approached the CIT van. However, when the suspects saw the operational team, they panicked and fled the scene. Thankfully, not all got away, with one person caught and detained a while later.

More on this and laying testament to the power of communication, shortly after the incident, information was received stating that one of the men would be passing Newcastle at 11 pm and that he would be driving the white Volkswagen Polo. As a result, a plan was implemented, with various teams preparing for a tactical takedown. 

Moreover, Ghafoor said that when the vehicle passed Newcastle, with the team observing closely, the necessary instructions were given to stop the car.

“The suspect was taken down at the corner of the N11 and R34, at the Utrecht turn-off,” he explained. With the man now in custody, Ghafoor added that law enforcement found and charged him for having an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

He was additionally charged with being in possession of suspected stolen property after various items were found in the vehicle. “It looked like they did a robbery, and the goods that he had with him, came from that robbery.”

The items found in the suspect’s possession included three cellphones and six clothing items, all suspected to be stolen.

Concluding, Ghafoor emphasised that the SAPS Newcastle Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks), the Ladysmith SAPS Tactical Response Team, Field Security, the SAPS Amajuba District Task Team, Newcastle K9 Unit, SAPS Newcastle Highway Patrol, G4SNewcastle Community Policing ForumNewcastle Crime Fighter Task Team, KwaZulu-Natal Crime Intelligence (Mdoc), Newcastle SAPS POC and Ithemba Security were to be thanked for working together and ensuring the CIT heist did not occur.

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