Suspected thieves stuff stolen livestock into Datsun GO boot

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Police officers recently discovered that the ingenuity/stupidity of criminals knows no bounds, especially when trying to hide stolen livestock.

This follows two cases, where six people were arrested for trying to hide suspected stolen goats and sheep in the most unsuspecting of vehicles, Datsun GOs.

Lizzy Arumugam of the Newcastle SAPS Corporate Communications Office explained that on 1 June 2022, police officers from Osizweni SAPS were performing their duties at 2 am in the morning, along the Newcastle to Utrecht Road.

During their rounds, the officers noticed a suspicious red Datsun Go, which they tried to pull over. The driver attempted to evade the police but was stopped shortly afterwards.

After police officers managed to block the vehicle from escaping, bringing it to a stop, things took an unusual turn. According to Arumugam, when police officers approached the Datsun Go, they heard the call of a goat emanating from the car’s boot.

The boot was subsequently opened, and police found not one, but three goats inside the small car boot.

“When the police questioned the suspects about the goats, the suspects could not give an explanation,” Arumugam declared. 

Due to no explanation being provided, the two men were arrested for possession of suspected stolen livestock. 

On the same day, Osizweni Police received information regarding a car transporting stolen sheep in Blaaubosch. The information revealed that a Datsun GO was once again the chosen mode of transport. However, this time the vehicle was white and black.

When the officers arrived at the address where the vehicle was seen, they found four men trying to get a sheep into the boot of the vehicle.

Arumugam said that when the police officers asked about the papers or proof that the sheep was theirs, they could not provide any evidence that they acquired the sheep legally. According to Arumugam, the men merely mumbled, and this led the police to search their house, where they found two more sheep.

This saw the four suspects being arrested for possession of suspected stolen livestock.

As further police investigations into the two cases are underway, what are your thoughts on Datsun Go’s being used to transport livestock? 

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