Utrecht Municipality gets behind Huis Joanna Old Age Home

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The plight of Utrecht-based SAVF Huis Joanna Old Age Home pulled on Newcastillians’ heartstrings in 2021, when it surfaced that the home was in dire straits.

In March 2021, the Newcastillian – Online News reported that the old age home was facing overwhelming challenges. At the time, Huis Joanna’s manageress, Bernadette van Schalkwyk explained that the home had an overdue creditors account that they were unable to settle.

Such was the situation, many of the home’s creditors had closed the old age home’s accounts.

With the home facing overwhelming odds, the Newcastle community was called upon to assist, which in true Newcastillian fashion, they did.

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Following this, the mayor of eMadlangeni (Utrecht) Municipality, Cllr Mzwakhe Buthelezi went to the home in January 2022 to ensure the home did not find itself in a similar position again. He did this by interacting with the facility’s staff and residents, forwarding him the opportunity to assess the old age home’s challenges.

After the visit, the Mayor made it his prerogative to assist the home, where the municipality could. 

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Moreover, SAVF Huis Joanna Old Age Home offers frail care with a capacity for 50 residents. The home provides residents with a 24-hour service, including meals, laundry, furnished accommodation, nursing care, social activities, and more. Therefore, the necessity for the home in the area is of the utmost importance.

Holding true to his word, Cllr Buthelezi recently returned to the home with the Municipal Troika. “The visit was to fulfil his commitment after the visit made earlier in the year to assist the Old Age Home with groceries and medical consumables required by the facility,” stated the Municipality’s Communications Unit.

On the day, the Municipality handed over various food items and medical consumables to assist the elderly. However, Cllr Buthelezi and the Utrecht Municipality’s generosity did not end there. This saw the Mayor discussing the issue of the home operating at a deficit.

During the discussions, it was highlighted that the home holds historical debt owed to the municipality. Therefore, to ensure SAVF Huis Joanna Old Age Home’s financial situation improves, Cllr Buthelezi committed to devising a plan with his team, strategising on how to better assist the home in the future.

With some positive news circulating around the old age home, what are your thoughts?

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