Slaughtered carcass dumped in river on Sutherland Street, Newcastle

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Newcastle Municipal staff made a grisly discovery on Wednesday afternoon, 1 June 2022, while addressing illegal dumping on Sutherland Street in the CBD.

Inspecting the river running nearby the Newcastle Taxi Rank, municipal workers found the butchered remains of a cattle carcass discarded among the rubbish in the river.

Apart from the obvious, the sight of all the rubbish placed there by unpatriotic Newcastillians, reminds us that there are people among us who truly are too self-absorbed to think past the damage they are inflicting when dumping. 

Nevertheless, an official source on the scene stated that the discovery was concerning, as the carcass could taint the water even further if left much longer.

Commenting, the Newcastle Municipality Communications Unit said it would be issuing a formal statement on the discovery in due course. Further stating that “the Newcastle Municipality is inspecting all the rivers in Newcastle, ensuring they are environmentally friendly and clean.”

With countless Newcastilians around the province and country working to clean up our country, and this heartless act in mind, what are your thoughts? 

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