Men linked to Osizweni child gang, Last Warning, attempt to rob medical facility

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The close-knit community of Osizweni recently witnessed an attempted armed robbery at a local medical facility. This came after a small group of young men linked to the gang, the Last Warning, targeted Osizweni Clinic No 2 in hopes of allegedly robbing patients and the clinic itself.

Captain Sipho Nkosi, the spokesperson for Osizweni Police Station, explained that the men went to the clinic on 20 May 2022, pretending they were ill.

However, once at the clinic, it appears that impatience or nerves got the better of the men. “They robbed the security guard, but failed to gain entry to the clinic itself,” explained Captain Nkosi.

Failing to get into the building, the panicked suspects fled the scene with the security guard’s cash and cellphone.

Just to refresh your memory, the Last Warning and other child gangs made national news in 2020, after video footage surfaced of armed children patrolling the streets of Osizweni. At the time, Captain Nkosi explained that there were multiple gangs operating in Osizweni, with the gang members breaking into homes to fuel drug habits. This, while fighting amongst each other to gain control of the area.

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With the gangs creating immense fear in the township, residents refused to stand back and allow the gangsters to take control of Osizweni. This saw community members in October 2020 marching through Osizweni to the police station to hand over a memorandum on the measures the SAPS had to take to address the problem.

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Despite this, the gangs continued to wreak havoc. Due to national attention, the Police Minister, Bheki Cele and a delegation of police dignitaries made their way to the Osizweni Community Hall.

The purpose of their visit was to assure residents that strategies were being implemented to combat the problem.

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While gang activities have been relatively quiet over recent months, the latest robbery has stirred old emotions as stated by community members who wish to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

However, Captain Nkosi assured us that it was not the gang itself involved in the robbery. But rather individuals once linked to the Last Warning. He further pointed out that investigations into the crime are underway and the matter is being monitored.

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