Three arrested after trying to break into Lennoxton home, twice

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As the old saying goes, “Knowledge is power”. This statement rang true after information received by law enforcement saved a Lennoxton, Newcastle home from being burgled. 

According to Imran Ghafoor of Newcastle Crimefighter Task Team, would-be burglars had set their sights on a home in the Newcastle suburb.

He further explained that on Friday, 27 May 2022, law enforcement received information regarding an attempted break in at the said house on Wednesday, 25 May 2022. 

After receiving valuable information explaining that the thieves would be targeting the same house again on the Friday, a plan was implemented.

The information revealed that while the burglars had initially attempted to break in during the night, this time, the suspects intended to carry out their plan during the day.

As a result, a stakeout was set in motion. “The suspects were about to break in when they spotted the operational team and started running. We gave chase and apprehended three suspects.”

After arresting three men, the law enforcement team found house breaking implements (tools of the trade) on them. The suspects were then subsequently charged and detained for possession of house breaking implements. 

While the three failed house burglars are now in police custody, Ghafoor warns that burglaries do tend to increase during the winter season. With this in mind, he encourages Newcastillians to be attentive.

In a country riddled with crime, thank you to the patriotic Newcastillians who come forward with information on criminal activities. As noted above, it is priceless to law enforcement. 

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