Ladysmith Municipality to audit its employees’ skills

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Looking at some positive news coming out of Northern KwaZulu-Natal, The Alfred Duma (Ladysmith) Municipality officially launched a Municipal Skills Audit Plan—an initiative set to change the government entity for the better.

According to the Ladysmith Municipality’s Communications Department, the municipality has appointed an independent service provider, accredited to commence with the process for a period not exceeding three months.

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Consequently, the Alfred Duma Municipality Mayor, Cllr Zama Sibisi confirmed that politically and administratively, this is a process which is a compliance requirement in every organisation and entity. He further stated that it should not be termed as a political “witch-hunt”, as the process was not politically motivated in the slightest.

“As Council we want to have a clear understanding of employees’ skills and abilities. We want to take advantage of previously unidentified skills within the municipality. Where there is a need, we will redeploy employees to roles where they are better placed to use their full range of skills.”

Continuing, Cllr Sibisi emphasised that the Municipality wished to assign the right people to the correct project. Because of this, he highlighted the Municipality needed to identify any skill gaps or areas of strength and weakness.

“Administratively, we have to demonstrate commitment to the job satisfaction and career development of municipal employees where applicable. As the leadership of this council, we have to plan for more effective recruitment and development activities for our employees.”

Concluding, the Mayor confirmed that the municipal organogram was under review. Therefore, he stressed the skills audit would allow for more opportunities for promotion, as suitable candidates would be identified. 

This is only the beginning of this story and the Newcastillian – Online News will be sure to track it and report back on its conclusion. But in the meantime, do you feel this will yield reward? 

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