Man stabbed to death over pocket change, in Newcastle’s Industrial area

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Following a brutal, alcohol induced attack in Newcastle’s industrial area at 6.30 am on Saturday morning, 14 May 2022—two murder suspects are currently on the run.

Giving us the scoop on the murder and attempted murder case, Newcastle Police spokesperson, Lizzy Arumugam states, “It is alleged that workers from the factory were in their rooms consuming alcohol when an argument broke out between them.” While at the factory in Watt Street, Riverside Industrial, men selling liquor on the factory’s premises, allegedly did not give two people the correct change.

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As one can imagine, with temperatures rising an argument broke out between the two people and the soon-to-be on-the-run suspects. 

Following the verbal altercation, the two suspects grew violent and began stabbing the two men. This led to one of the men’s chests being mortally wounded seeing him, unfortunately, passing away at the scene. While the second man suffered multiple stab wounds to his chest, head, and back. When medics arrived he was still alive and subsequently treated and rushed to hospital for further medical attention.

Following the stabbing, the two perpetrators fled the scene and managed to escape. Police investigations are now underway. Therefore, if you have any information, please contact the Newcastle SAPS on 034 314 6156.

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