Newcastle Court gives 10 years to five men for stealing Transnet lines

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Newcastle Regional Court has convicted and sentenced five men to 10 years imprisonment for being in possession of stolen property and for tampering with essential infrastructure.

Captain Simphiwe Mhlongo, the spokesperson for the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks) said the conviction was secured thanks to a thorough investigation by the Hawks.

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“The five accused, Zefania Bhululu, Mike Chauke, Izek Mapamo, James Mawoza and Mzomhle Thathi were arrested by Kingsley Visible Policing members on 4 July 2021. Police were conducting their patrol duties, when they noticed a quantum combi travelling from Vryheid towards Utrecht. They stopped the vehicle, and a search was conducted.”

Upon searching, Captain Mhlongo said pieces of copper cables were found in the suspects’ boot.

After a case of possession of suspected stolen property was registered at Kingsley police station,  the case docket was allocated to the Hawks members from Newcastle Serious Organised Crime Investigation.

During the investigation, it was confirmed that the copper cables were stolen from Transnet railway lines in Mahlabathini.

“All accused were sentenced to 10 years direct imprisonment each and they were declared unfit to possess firearms,” concluded Captain Mhlongo.

With the five men now set to face 10 years of direct imprisonment, what are your thoughts? 

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