Stage 4 loadshedding announced on Tuesday morning

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Eskom has stated it is being forced to implement Stage 4 loadshedding as of Tuesday morning, 19 April 2022.

According to the state-owned power utility, this decision follows Majuba Unit 5 and Tutuka Unit 4 tripping.

At the time, Eskom stated that it would be executing Stage 4 loadshedding. Further saying, it could not provide a timeframe when the power outages would end. 

However, Eskom explained that a complete statement would be published in due course.

Additionally, Eskom Group Chief Executive Andrè de Ruyter and Eskom’s management team are expected to give a full rundown on the current challenges the power utility faces, on Tuesday morning, 19 April 2022.

To determine when you will be affected by loadshedding, click here.

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