Amajuba Municipality’s Disaster Unit begins clean-up in Osizweni

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According to a recent announcement, the Amajuba District Municipality’s Disaster Management Unit is committed to preventing future disasters.

The Management Act of 2002 governs the Disaster Unit. In addition, the unit mandates the Amajuba District Municipality to create summer and winter contingency plans. According to the municipality, this is to prepare for seasonal changing disasters.

“As we enter into the summer season, a number of our communities in the district are primarily affected by flooding,” stated Amajuba District Municipality Communications.

Flooding has happened many times as a result of blocked stormwater drainage systems, according to the Northern KZN government authority. This is mainly due to the unauthorised and unlawful disposal of different types of garbage.

Given this, the District Municipality’s disaster education programmes must be strengthened. To address this issue, the municipality recently conducted a catastrophe awareness and clean-up campaign in Ward 11’s Osizweni.

Ward 11 is one of the wards that is prone to flooding. As a consequence, the ward began a storm drain cleaning campaign.

The work was completed in cooperation with local Red Cross Disaster Relief personnel and the EPWP team.
Furthermore, the team encouraged the community to use the trash bins provided by the municipality instead of dumping of rubbish in the water infrastructure.

Clean-up initiatives like this one, as well as the installation and promotion of mitigation measures, assist in the avoidance of possible dangers in communities, according to the District Municipality Communications Department.

The Amajuba District Municipality stressed that the awareness programme also seeks to prepare the population for natural disasters such as fires, floods, and thunderstorms.

More initiatives, in addition to creating a sense of community duty in terms of community sanitation, are in the pipeline. Residents in Osizweni will be contacted by the Disaster Management Unit and the South African Weather Service.

Community members may contact Mr Tshabalala, the Head of Disaster at Amajuba District Municipality, at 083 604 1904.

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