Newcastillians to remain in the dark, updated loadshedding schedule

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Unfortunately, loadshedding is set to continue this week.

Eskom explains that to continue replenishing emergency generation reserves, Stage 2 loadshedding will continue until 5 am on Thursday, 14 October 2021

The power utility says, “This loadshedding is also necessary to address other additional risks in the generation fleet.” 

During this time, the State-Owned Enterprise claimed it would be working hard to return several generating units to service. Eskom is urging the public to continue using electricity sparingly. Total breakdowns amount to 14 760MW while planned maintenance is 5 277MW of capacity. 

While the power utility is working on the issue, it said returning a generating unit at the Majuba power station on 8 October 2021 provided some relief. Unfortunately, this was insufficient to curb the extensive use of emergency reserves.

Click below for the latest loadshedding schedule.

According to energy expert Ted Blom, the root of the problem stems from the power utility not maintaining its coal power plants properly.

As quoted by East Coast Radio, he said, “It seems to me that Eskom has not maintained the coal power plants properly, that’s where most of the breakdowns seem to be occurring. I think half the fleet has broken.”

Blom emphasised that Eskom could have avoided this. But, he elaborated further, given that Eskom’s management said they wouldn’t spend money on refurbishing the coal power units, he suspects we will have a lot more load shedding in the next five years.

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