Possible loadshedding; Eskom says watch your usage

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The potential threat of loadshedding, once again, lurks over Newcastillians’ heads. This comes after Eskom issued a notice, urging the public to reduce their electricity usage.

The power utility explains, “While there is currently no loadshedding anticipated, Eskom would like to request the public to reduce the usage of electricity. The power system is under severe pressure due to a number of generating unit breakdowns, which will necessitate an increased utilisation of emergency generation reserves.”  

Furthermore, Eskom states that total breakdowns amount to 14 925MW, while planned maintenance is 4 759MW of capacity.

As a result, Eskom might be forced to implement loadshedding at short notice if there are any further breakdowns.

While Eskom expects several generating units to return to service from breakdowns during the next few days. They request the public reduce the usage and continue using electricity sparingly. This is to assist in avoiding loadshedding.

The power utility claims it will communicate promptly should there be any significant changes to the power system.

While this warning comes as an annoyance, Eskom reminds South Africans that it has not implemented loadshedding since 22 July 2021.

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