Two suburban Newcastle women endure violent home invasion

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On 21 February 2019, a Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal woman and her mother endured what most fear; a violent home invasion. 

Living in an unnamed suburb of the town due to the victims fearing for their safety. The women now get to witness two of the assailants spend 30 years behind bars.

Newcastle police spokesperson Lizzy Arumugam offered more insight into the matter. According to the police spokesperson, the daughter of an established business owner had just arrived home from work when the series of events unfolded.

“The suspects had studied her routine thoroughly and pounced on the opportunity as it arose, as she was alone in the car. The suspects forced her inside the house, with firearms in their possession,” stated Arumugam.

Determined to intimidate the women, demanding they be given cash, the suspects assaulted them. At the time of the attack, the woman’s mother was also at home. Both mom and daughter sustained injuries as the two men continuously kicked them.

Following the vicious attack, Arumugam declares, “They will have to deal with the lifelong trauma sustained from the robbery.”

After the suspects left the premises, an investigation led by Detective Constable ZM Simelane was launched.

This led to the arrest of two suspects, Sabelo Mduduzi Khumalo and Qiniso Phoqwayisimo Mbatha, in January 2020. Arumugam points out, “More suspects are to be arrested on this case, and the detective is on to them.”

On 14 September 2021, both suspects appeared in the Newcastle Regional Court. They were sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.

Colonel J J Kubheka, the Newcastle Detectives Commander, thanked Detective Constable Z.M Simelane for his outstanding work ethic, insightful investigation, and dedication in securing an excellent conviction.

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