Decomposed body found in a storage room on Ayliff Street, Newcastle

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Newcastle SAPS is searching for the family of a deceased man whose decomposing body was found in a storage room on Ayliff Street, Newcastle in KZN.

The unidentified man’s body was found on 22 July 2021, according to Newcastle SAPS spokesperson Lizzy Arumugam. 

The grisly discovery was made after community members smelled an unsavoury odour emanating from a storage facility near a local supermarket.

As a result, the community contacted the Police, who came to investigate. Arumugam says, “Police contacted the Municipality to unlock the storage room. Upon entering, a decomposed body of an unknown African male was found.”

The Investigating Officer, Sergeant NG Mchunu, explains that judging by the smell and the state of decomposition, it is estimated the man had died approximately a month earlier.

“There were no injuries on his body that we could see. However, we are now waiting for the Post-mortem results, to establish the cause of death and to determine if he was murdered or not.”

Newcastle Police are now looking for possible deceased relatives, as the Police have not established his identity. Sergeant Mchunu elaborates that there were no clues to assist in his identification. “We also pulled his fingerprints, which brought no results,” he says.

Anyone who has a male relative missing since June/July 2021 is urged to step forward and contact the Investigating Officer, Sergeant NG Mchunu, on 066 365 6412.

The reasoning for this, the officer explains, is that DNA testing can be done to establish the man’s identity.

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